Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Letter to The Editor

BLAISDELL made a pathetic attempt to manipulate the Finnish Study to advance his own agenda. This is what the Finnish study actually said 

“The proportion of divorced women who commit suicide was more than double after an abortion and eight-fold after a birth, which suggests that low social support is associated with suicide.

Similarly, in a Danish study, a fivefold rate in admissions to psychiatric hospitals after abortion was found for separated, divorced, or widowed women compared with that of other women. The relation between suicide, mental disorders, life events, social class, and social support is a complex one." Abortion might mean a selection of women at higher risk for suicide because of reasons like depression. Another explanation for the higher suicide rate after an abortion could be low social class, low social support, and previous life events or that abortion is chosen by women who are at higher risk for suicide because of other reasons.

The Finnish Study did NOT find that abortion caused suicide or depression, or that having an abortion lead to you dying in an accident or being murdered like Blaisdell claimed.

Women deserve to be able to make their own choices regarding reproduction after getting all the facts from their doctor without others inserting their religious beliefs into their medical care. Savita Halappanavar was allegedly allowed to die because she had the misfortune to be pregnant in a Catholic Country we must not allow religious doctrine to dictate healthcare in the United States. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

So very sad

It has been about three years since I last made a post.....

yeah I am lazy. To catch up some, 2009 Star Trek 11, good but did not really stick to canon. (to be fair it really did not even fit in with the rest of Star Trek). the Star Wars CGI episodes continue showing the Star Wars series as not being all that powerful. Doctor Who is awesome. Watch it now. The US economy is recovering. The Republicans are still doing their best to ruin it. thats all for now.

Monday, July 20, 2009

ST vs. SW: Super Weapons

Canon wise, Star Wars just plain loses in this section of the versus debate. The reason is well...... ST has more and better Super Weapons.
SW: Death Star I and II. Massive, around 120km. can blow up planets through a chain reaction. Both were easily destroyed by fighters firing only one too two shots from a weak weapon.

ST: Lots.
1. Trilithium Torpedo. Can destroy entire Solar Systems. Size of a person. Very fast moving. Moderately hard to take out. Federation knows enough to make their own.
2. Dooms Day Super Weapon. around a km in size. Cuts and eats planets. never misses. fast. Very hard to take out. Federation has been studying the remains of it for years.
3. The Temporal weapon ship, fast, nearly impossible to find.Very hard to defend against or take out. Can destroy multiple entire species with a single shot.
4. Xindi Super Weapons. The First could burn/cut around a km wide and one very very long (100 km I think) and km or two deep trench and was around the NXs size. Number 2 could blow up moons and was around the size of a shuttle. The Third was bigger than the NX but still under 10 km and could blow up planets. First is a unknown in taking out. Number 2 is mostly unknown, but it did just fine in the area of around a mostly blown up moon but other than that we don't know. The third was tough enough the three Xindi races plus the NX failed to take it out until the NX crew managed to get aboard it and set multiple charges all over the inside, losing a few people in the process.

Those six I mentioned are a mere handful that I can remember off the top of my head. Needless to say most if not all of ST's super weapons are as powerful or more so than SW's Death Star, and are usually smaller and harder to take out.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


The all so rabid warises* over at SDN, are still complaining (going bats*** crazy) about how the evil "trektards" and the other "retards", think that three million clones makes sense. Now in SW Episode 2 there is only 200,000 thousand clones in battle with a million more on the way. The Kamino cloner states that it will take time to grow more. Also it took a decade for the first 2 batches to be grown. So three million at the end of the war does make sense. Because as seen at Naboo, planets have their own defense forces. So all the clones would be doing is providing assistance, as probably better trained and equipped soldiers

Note these warises are also the ones who think George Lucas doesn't matter.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Update and a Bashing

The new ST movie has been pushed back a few more months. While this annoys me I also view it as a good idea, because now they will have more time to work on the movie.

Now for the Bashing:

Despite what many fools say, Global Warming is real. It is happening right now. Also we are causing it to go faster and to be warmer (think about it, we make huge heat sources). Proof of Global Warming, is the fact that we are all having odd weather. The "but its cold, therefor global warming isn't real." is wrong. The cold spells we are having are because of Global warming. You see when ice melts cold air is also a byproduct along with cold water. Also (to explain how the cold air gets around) there are air currents that go all over the world, and those currents bring the cold air along. Now to top it off, There are also currents in the ocean that are all over the world, and they bring cold water to all over the place.

Now after reading this (and hopfully understanding it) tell me that Global Warming isn't real without lying.
That was as simple as I could make it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It Is Alive

I belive in randomness, so ignore the nonsense titles.

Anyways The Next Star Trek movie is coming out this year( dec 2008). From what I have heard it will be good, but I shall wait intill it comes and see it before I state what my opinion of it.

*goes back to listening to Puddle Of Mudd's "Psycho"*

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

Its Da list time.

Star Trek:
ST comes before SW in the alphabet.
ST is mostly based on facts.
ST stays consistent almost all the time.
ST capital ships can not be easily beaten by multiple fighters.
ST has more super weapons then SW.
ST has more main character races.
In ST the human race is more at peace with itself and with other races.
ST writers do try to explain how things work in ST.
ST has more movies and episodes then SW does.
ST started before SW.
Shields in ST are not only better but are some what explained.
In ST warp drive goes multiple times faster the speed of light but does not break the law of physics.
ST has more maneuverable capital ships, they don't just sit there.
ST M/AM reactors produce a lot of power (think super compressed suns that move).
ST armor can actually take a multiple hits before failing.
In ST ships are tougher than tough meaning they are hard to kill.
ST has races that can/have traveled across the galaxy in hours or less. Some can travel the universe in seconds.
Based on movie canon ST has better cloaks.
ST ships have sensors that reach up to 3 or more light years.
ST ships have highly accurate weapons and targeting computers.
Phasers are more powerful than lasers because of the way they work.

Star Wars:
SW ships have sensor blind spots and sensors that only reach a few hundred km.
SW ships have to get within 2000 meters to be able to fire weapons and hit a target.
SW weaponry is very inaccurate.
SW computers are not very good.
SW capital ships can be taken out by fighters.
SW shields and armor on ships and fighters are weak as seen how easily they are taken out.
SW weaponry is not very powerful as seen in the movies.
SW is good as a adventure type movie,but not as one where the plot and tech make sense.

The reason SW ships are not that powerful:
Due to the X-wing's size and build, there is only a small amount of room for a reactor (It would be about 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall. maybe 600 giga watt output) ,before you say no its bigger (or more powerful) think about the X-wing has to power and hold a lifesupport system, weapon ports, weapons ,a computer, droid port, shield generator, engines, a hyper drive,lights, armor, and a polit. Then we see fighters killed in 2 to 5 shots, by other fighters.

Plus we "trektards" have the Q, who have godlike powers. :)