Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Letter to The Editor

BLAISDELL made a pathetic attempt to manipulate the Finnish Study to advance his own agenda. This is what the Finnish study actually said 

“The proportion of divorced women who commit suicide was more than double after an abortion and eight-fold after a birth, which suggests that low social support is associated with suicide.

Similarly, in a Danish study, a fivefold rate in admissions to psychiatric hospitals after abortion was found for separated, divorced, or widowed women compared with that of other women. The relation between suicide, mental disorders, life events, social class, and social support is a complex one." Abortion might mean a selection of women at higher risk for suicide because of reasons like depression. Another explanation for the higher suicide rate after an abortion could be low social class, low social support, and previous life events or that abortion is chosen by women who are at higher risk for suicide because of other reasons.

The Finnish Study did NOT find that abortion caused suicide or depression, or that having an abortion lead to you dying in an accident or being murdered like Blaisdell claimed.

Women deserve to be able to make their own choices regarding reproduction after getting all the facts from their doctor without others inserting their religious beliefs into their medical care. Savita Halappanavar was allegedly allowed to die because she had the misfortune to be pregnant in a Catholic Country we must not allow religious doctrine to dictate healthcare in the United States.