Thursday, August 30, 2007

Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

Its Da list time.

Star Trek:
ST comes before SW in the alphabet.
ST is mostly based on facts.
ST stays consistent almost all the time.
ST capital ships can not be easily beaten by multiple fighters.
ST has more super weapons then SW.
ST has more main character races.
In ST the human race is more at peace with itself and with other races.
ST writers do try to explain how things work in ST.
ST has more movies and episodes then SW does.
ST started before SW.
Shields in ST are not only better but are some what explained.
In ST warp drive goes multiple times faster the speed of light but does not break the law of physics.
ST has more maneuverable capital ships, they don't just sit there.
ST M/AM reactors produce a lot of power (think super compressed suns that move).
ST armor can actually take a multiple hits before failing.
In ST ships are tougher than tough meaning they are hard to kill.
ST has races that can/have traveled across the galaxy in hours or less. Some can travel the universe in seconds.
Based on movie canon ST has better cloaks.
ST ships have sensors that reach up to 3 or more light years.
ST ships have highly accurate weapons and targeting computers.
Phasers are more powerful than lasers because of the way they work.

Star Wars:
SW ships have sensor blind spots and sensors that only reach a few hundred km.
SW ships have to get within 2000 meters to be able to fire weapons and hit a target.
SW weaponry is very inaccurate.
SW computers are not very good.
SW capital ships can be taken out by fighters.
SW shields and armor on ships and fighters are weak as seen how easily they are taken out.
SW weaponry is not very powerful as seen in the movies.
SW is good as a adventure type movie,but not as one where the plot and tech make sense.

The reason SW ships are not that powerful:
Due to the X-wing's size and build, there is only a small amount of room for a reactor (It would be about 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall. maybe 600 giga watt output) ,before you say no its bigger (or more powerful) think about the X-wing has to power and hold a lifesupport system, weapon ports, weapons ,a computer, droid port, shield generator, engines, a hyper drive,lights, armor, and a polit. Then we see fighters killed in 2 to 5 shots, by other fighters.

Plus we "trektards" have the Q, who have godlike powers. :)


Lordepa said...

To the Rabid Warise:

In a ST vs. SW fight between ST and SW Q would be fighting, because its both universes fighting against each other.

Plus the mention to the Q is to explain why SW would never win against ST, Even if SW was better in Tech.

Anonymous said...

q is just an alien and can be killed

Anonymous said...

No Q is not just an alien. The Qs are nigh unstoppable God beings.
A Q can only be killed by another Q or by someone using a Q's weapon, and even then its still hard to kill a Q.
Also Chee, Lucas and others have stated quite clearly that SW EU is not canon. Only the movies, novels written by Lucas, or something said by Lucas is Canon. the SW Cartoon is quasi canon last time I checked. The only way to deny this is too bend reality and/or purposfully lie about what was stated. See SDN. the big bad lying through their teeth SW wankers.