Friday, March 07, 2008

Update and a Bashing

The new ST movie has been pushed back a few more months. While this annoys me I also view it as a good idea, because now they will have more time to work on the movie.

Now for the Bashing:

Despite what many fools say, Global Warming is real. It is happening right now. Also we are causing it to go faster and to be warmer (think about it, we make huge heat sources). Proof of Global Warming, is the fact that we are all having odd weather. The "but its cold, therefor global warming isn't real." is wrong. The cold spells we are having are because of Global warming. You see when ice melts cold air is also a byproduct along with cold water. Also (to explain how the cold air gets around) there are air currents that go all over the world, and those currents bring the cold air along. Now to top it off, There are also currents in the ocean that are all over the world, and they bring cold water to all over the place.

Now after reading this (and hopfully understanding it) tell me that Global Warming isn't real without lying.
That was as simple as I could make it.

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Kryten said...

Hooray, more Trek! I've got a bet going with a friend on how bad it will bomb.